Checker Plate Rubber Flooring

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DP300 Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring

● Diamond Plate Rubber Mat ● Diamond Plate Rubber Roll ● Diamond Plate Rubber Floor Mat
● Checker Plate Rubber Matting ● Checker Plate Rubber Flooring ● Checker Plate Rubber Sheet
● Diamond Tread Rubber Mat ● Rhomboid Rubber Flooring

~ Roll Form

Diamond Plate Rubber Mat - Ecoformat

Ecoformat - DP300 Diamond Plate Rubber Roll ( Checker Plate Rubber Matting / Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring )
was test under by SGS, complied and passed under below requirement :

1) ASTM F609-05 Skid Resistance Test - Slippage of soiling material by coefficient friction.
2) EN71-3 Toy Toxicity Test - Mat materials are free from 17 types of hazardous heavy metals.
3) VDA270 Odor Test - Low ordor or no bad smell will be produced when use indoor.
4) ASTM D635-14 Flammability Test - This product pass the flammability (Horizontal burning),
                                                      Not spreading fire when ignited or under high temperature.

* SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.
   SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.
1) CRSSA / 11616 / 18
2) GZHL 17090 40508 OT
3) SHAAUTO 1828045901
4) SZIN 1907011122PS

● Diamond Plate Rubber Floor Mat has the non-directional diamond plate pattern which gives
   this matting a non-slip surface that is still easy to mop or clean and would not trap dirt.
● Checker Plate Rubber Flooring is extremely durable and makes an ideal walkway to heavy foot traffic.
● Diamond Treade Rubber Mats are equipped with diamond-pattern surface grips and made with slip-resistant rubber material.

Common Application : ● Commercial retail entrances and walkways   ● Garages   ● Pet Carriers
                                ● Corridors with heavy traffic usage   ● Warehouses   ● Workshop   ● Boats
                                ● Track Flooring   ● Van Interior   ● Loading Areas   ● Factories

Roll Sizes : 1.2m x 10m x 3mm - (DP300)
Colour : Black

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