Our Story

YGGS WORLD SDN. BHD. - The main floor mats supplier in Penang / The main floor mats supplier in Malaysia, with huge distribution network covering Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. We have 2 major warehousing with total 20,000 sqft. This has made us the largest floor mats supplier in Malaysia.

YGGS WORLD SDN. BHD. Offers the full range of floor matting solutions to various industries including Banking, Hotel, Cinema, Restaurant, Manufacturing Building, Government Agencies and Shopping Mall. We have pleasantly launched our own brands such as Koymat and Ecoformat; with customized floor mat in sizes as well.

We supply best range of floor matting such as Dust Control Mat, Laundry Mat, 3M Nomad, Safety Walk Tape, Coil Mat, Needle Rib Mat, Tough Rib Mat, Tuff Spun Matting, Safe Walk Mat, Anti Fatigue Mat, Anti Slip Mat, Entrap Mat, Anti Slip Mat Wet Area Mats, TM Toilet Mat, Rubber Stud Mat, Coin Flooring, Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring, Kitchen Mat, 3A Coil Mat, Ecoformat Car Mat, Heavy Duty Floor Mat, Coconut Husk Mat, Vina Coir Mat, Welcome Floor Mat, Cleanroom Sticky Mat, ESD Table Mat, Anti-Static Anti-Fatigue Mat, Non Conductive Switchboard Mat, Electrical Insulating Mat, Clean Grip Mat, Natural Rubber Mat, Neoprene Rubber Mat, Interlocking Gym Mat, Gym Rubber Tiles, Safety Scrape Mat, ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat, Rubber Edging, Corrugated Switchboard Mat, High Voltage Insulation Rubber Mat, Gym Rubber Flooring, Martial Arts Mat, Entrance Floor Mat, Non Slip Mat, Anti Skid Mat, Water Absorbent Mat, Dirt Absorbing Mats, Door Mat, Chair Mat, Carpet Protector Mat, Safety Floor Mat, Checker Plate Rubber Flooring, Industrial Mat, Diamond Tread Rubber Mat, Premier Grade Roll Mats, EVA Foam Mat.

ECOFormat has been tested in accordance with VDA Standard & Specifications (German Association of the Automotive Industry)
ECOFormat car mats meet the requirements of Worldwide & European Automotive Standard under ELV & German Association of the Automotive
Incorporate high-temperature hot melt technology to make strong combination of rubber on the bottom, make it difficult to separate & without pungent smell of glue.
Non toxic heavy metals
No bad odour
Not release formaldehyde
Not release VOCs
Not release VOCs under high temperature
7 SGS Test
  • SHAAUTO1511462602 A01
  • SHAAUTO1508712402 A01
  • SHAAUTO1508710802 A01
  • SHAAUTO1511454002 A01
  • SHAAUTO1511452702 A01
  • CTSPN/01292/15
  • CTSPN/01028/15