Ecoformat Driver Mat Car Mat (Magic Grip)

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200801039881 (841230-U)

E700 Driver Mat

Ecoformat Driver Mat Car Mat (Magic Grip Backing)
Ecoformat has been tested in accordance with VDA standard & specifications (German Association of the Automotive industry).

● Specifications are incorporate high-temperature hot melt technology to make strong combination of rubber on the bottom, make it difficult to separate & without pungent smell of glue.
● Its Free from specific Hazardous chemicals.
● Non toxic heavy metals.
● No bad odour.
● Not release formaldehyde.
● Not release VOCs.
● Not release VOCs under high temperature.

SGS Test Certificates (7nos)
* SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.
   SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.

1) SHAAUTO 1511462602 A01
2) SHAAUTO 1508712402 A01
3) SHAAUTO 1508710802 A01
4) SHAAUTO 1511454002 A01
5) SHAAUTO 1511452702 A01
6) CTSPN/01292/15
7) CTSPN/01028/15

● Standard Size : 60CM x 80CM/piece
● Colours (One Tone) : Black
              (Two Tone) : Black Red, Black Grey, Brown Beige, Black Purple, Purple Blue

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