ESD Anti Fatigue Mat

YGGS WORLD SDN. BHD. (841230-U)              
ESD410 Anti Fatigue Anti Static Mats            
Anti Fatigue Anti Static Mats • ESD Anti Fatigue Mat        
~ Standard Size                   
Anti Fatigue Anti Static Mats - Ecoformat            
Ecoformat − ESD410 Anti Fatigue Anti Static Mat was test under by SGS, complied and passed
                   under below requirement.              
1. ASTM D3574-17 Test − Dynamic fatigue test by constant force pounding.      
2. ASTM D3574-17 Test − Resilience by ball rebounce.          
3. ISO 14309: 2011 Test − Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic.        
             − Determination of volume and / or surface resistivity.    
             − Quotient of a direct-current voltage applied between two electrodes on the
                same surface of a test piece and the current between the electrodes.
             − Surface resistance result 29,000,000 ohm = 29 mega ohm    
4. IEC 61340-2-3 Electrostatic Test − Resistance and resistivity of solid materials used to avoid
        electrostatic charge accumulation.      
    Surface resistance − 5.99 x 105 Ω              
    Surface resistivity − 5.99 x 108 Ω/sq              
SGS TEST CERTIFICATES (2nos) :              
* SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.  
SGS recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.        
1) SZIN I706007587PS                  
2) SZIN 1908011496PS                  
● ESD anti fatigue mat is suitable for assembly lines and other workplaces to reduce individual
   worker's fatigue from long-standing jobs.            
● Durable, slip-resistant surface with diamond plate pattern texture and easy to clean,  
   resists most common fluids and chemicals. Black with high-visibility yellow stripe border.  
● Suitable for anti-static area (especially on the ground) the transformation of the economy  
   a simple and effective anti-static anti-fatigue measures.          
Common Application : Ideal For Use In Heavy-Duty Environments, Electronic Manufacturing,  
                                  Pharmaceutical Plants, Clean Rooms, Fiber Optics, Electronic Assembly,
                                  Electronic Warehousing, Circuit Assembly, Aerospace And Hospitals.  
Standard Size : 60cm x 90cm (2' x 3')              
                        90cm x 150cm (3' x 5')              
Thickness : 12.5mm                  
Colour : Black + Yellow                  
              Black (60cm x 90cm Only)              

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