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Anti Static Mat

Anti Static Mat ESD Table Mat ESD Mat Anti Static Mat ESD Table Mat ESD Mat Anti Static Mat ESD Table Mat ESD Mat Anti Static Mat ESD Table Mat ESD Mat Anti Static Mat ESD Table Mat ESD Mat

YGGS WORLD SDN. BHD. (841230-U)                      
ESD360S ESD TABLE MAT                        
ESD390S ESD TABLE MAT                        
ESD3100S ESD TABLE MAT                        
ESD3120S ESD TABLE MAT                        
ESD Control Table Mat ESD Mat ESD Rubber Mat Anti Static Mat Anti Static Rubber Mat      
Static Dissipative Mat ESD Green Mat Static Dissipative Table Mat ESD Static Dissipative Mat      
~ Roll Form                          
ESD Mat - Ecoformat                        
Ecoformat − ESD360S / ESD390S / ESD3100S / ESD3120S ESD Rubber Mat ( Anti Static Rubber Mat /  
Static Dissipative Mat ) was test under by SGS, complied and passed under below requirement.      
1. ROHS 2015/863/EC − Restricted of Hazardous Substance for electrical and electronic requirement control  
                                            of Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Chromium 6, PBB & PBDE that not exceed limit of 0.1%.  
2. IEC 61340-2-3 Electrostatic Test − Resistance and resistivity of solid materials used to avoid electrostatic
                                                                  charge accumulation.
SGS TEST CERTIFICATES (3nos) :                      
* SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.          
SGS recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.                
1) CRSSA/190819090-CA18138 / CRSSA/191125006-CA24158                
2) SZIN1909012996PS / SZIN1910015589PS                    
3) SZIN1910015590PS                        
ESD Control Table Mat, which is made of two layer (Static - Dissipate & Conductive), will protect the
   hazard of static electricity having origin in maintenance electric potential difference at zero volt between
   one's body and a mat as well as device sensitive static electricity.
ESD Green Mat has a static dissipative top layer (Green) which provide static free surface meanwhile  
   bottom layer (Black is a conductive layer which allow static charge to be drained awayeffectively.  
These anti static mat can be layed on floor or table top. These mats are specially manufactured with
   controlled low resistance.
Common Application:    Place of production made of semiconductor (VLSI, C-MOS, and so on)  
                                          Electronic manufacturing, repairing and soldering  
                                          Machinery room equipped with office automation  
                                          Area of an electronic exchanger  
                                          Scientific establishments  
                                          Clean room environment  
                                          Chemical laboratory  
                                          Medical assembly  
Material   PVC, Natural Rubber (NR)
Thickness   2±0.1mm
Hardness   65±5 Shore-A
Tensile Strength   5 Mpa
Elongation   300%
Density   1.45g/cm3
Surface Resistivity   Top Layer - 106-8Ohms/Square
  Bottom Layer - 103-5Ohms/Square
Static Decay 5kv-0v   Less Than 0.1 Second
Resistance to Ground   Less Than 108Ohms/Square
   Size                         (Roll Form)   60cm x 10m x 2mm
  90cm x 10m x 2mm
  100cm x 10m x 2mm
  120cm x 10m x 2mm
  Colour   Green Black, Grey Black, Blue Black              (Shining Surface)

Handling and Storage:  Safety Handling Method: Please treat ESD Mat in where there is no igniting agent.      
    Storage Method: Please storage separating from water, strong oxidizing &
                                  chemical agents.

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