TM Toilet Mat

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TM Toilet Mat

TM Toilet Mat TM  Toilet Mat Interlocking Mat
~ Standard Sizes

TM Toilet Mat

● TM Toilet Mat Interlocking Mat is effective in concealing dust and will not turn mouldy.
● The open construction allows water to run through the matting.
● The matting stays dry and helps to reduce the possibilities of slips and falls.
● Modular interlocking anti slip mat suitable for any size areas.
● Easy to clean and maintain.

Common Application : ● Washroom   ● Kitchen   ● Surrounding of Swimming Pools
                                ● Locker Rooms   ● Leisure Centres and any Wet Areas.

Standard Size : 1' x 1' / pc

Colours: Red (Maroon Red), Dark Blue, Green, Grey, Black


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