Heavy Duty Coil Mat

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HD-18 Heavy Duty Coil Mat

Heavy Duty Coil Mat (Unbacked) ● Heavy Duty Floor Mats (Unbacked)
~ Roll Form ● Custom Size Floor Mats For Wording & Rubber Edging

Heavy Duty Coil Mat

● Entrances coiled vinyl scraper matting is an ideal first line of defence and it is designed to accommodate for heavy-traffic applications.
● Heavy duty coil mat is an unbacked, vinyl matting ideal for use outdoors and/or indoor recessed wells.
● The mat's coarse resilient vinyl loops scrape dirt and moisture from shoes effectively to minimize slips and fall accidents.
● Heavy duty coil mat is a durable coiled web structure that removes, traps and hides large amount of soil.
● The construction allows dirt and moisture to flow through the matting so it is not retracked into the building.
● Easy to clean - Simply turn over, shake, vacuum or rinse out trapped dirt, grime and moisture.

Common Application :
● Ideal for use outdoors, at the door step and locations that are experiencing large amount of dust, soil and high traffic volume.
● Suitable for outside entrances, buildings, shops, public areas, hotels, recessed wells, entrances / exits of large government sectors,
   factory entrances, production areas and work areas.

Roll Size : 1.2m x 12m

Colours : Red, Blue, Grey, Brown, Black


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