RB1218 Rubber Bar Spill Mat

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RB1218 Rubber Bar Spill Mat

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Bar Beer Mats 
Rubber Bar Service Mat  Rubber Bar Service Spill Mats

~ Standard Size

Bar Spill Mats - Ecoformat

Ecoformat - RB1218 Rubber Bar Mats ( Rubber Beer Mats / Rubber Bar Service Mat )
was test under by SGS, complied and passed under below requirement.

1) EN71-3 Toy Toxicity Test - Carpet matrials is free from 17 types of hazardous heavy metals.

* SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.
   SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.

● Bar Spill Mats is perfect for preventing cup rings, sticky messes and stains from damaging your counter.
● Bar Beer Mats will keep all the drips, spills and liquid on the bottom of the glass run on to the mat's hedgehog style dimpled surface.
● Bar Mats can be use as a landing place for wet shakers between drinks to keep the bar top free from moisture damage.
● The bristled surface of the Rubber Bar Service Spill Mats can allow air to flow underneath wet glasses for fast and efficient air drying.

Common Application : ● Behind the bar   ● On Serving Counters   ● Commercial Bars
                                ● Pub   ● Home Bar  ● Professional Bar   ● Restaurant Bar

Size: 30cm x 45cm (12" x 18")

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