3A Coil Mat (One Tone)

3A Coil Mat

3A Coil Mat 
● 3A Floor Mat
~ Roll Form ● Std Size ● Custom Size Floor Mats For Wording & Rubber Edging

3A Coil Mat - The Dirt Absorbing Mats ● DIrt Scraper Floor Mat

● Vinyl looped layer that allows dirt to fall into the mat and be trapped inside, keeping the surface clean.
● Soft loop layer makes it comfortable when walking on the mat.
● Vinyl backing keeps dirt and moisture from falling to the floor which may cause stain and damage.

Common Application : Office Entrances, Main Entrance, Inside Building Entrances, Public Areas,
                                    Interior Walkways, Hallway Areas, Elevators, Hotel Entrances and Factories Entrances

Roll Sizes:
1.2M x 9M
1.2M x 18M

Colours : Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Brown, Black, Yellow

Custom Made Design :

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