3M Enhance Matting

3M Enhance Matting

3M Enhance Matting 
● 3M Nomad Carpet Matting 4000
~ Roll Form ● Custom Floor Mats For Size & Rubber Edging

3M Nomad Carpet Matting 4000 has ingenious designs that keep dirt and moisture within the mats while ensuring a dry and comfortable interior.

Features Of Mat:
● Features - laden and durable, it offers the most effective and economical way to protect hard floors and carpets to keep the interior clean and safe.
● Its unique combination of large and small diameter fibers provides superior dirt and water removal.
● It is fire-resistant and can help prevenet fire caused by cigarette ends.

Common Application : High Traffic Entryways, Main Entrance, Inside Building Entrance, Hallway Areas,
                                Interior Walkways, Toilet Entrances, Kitchen Entrances, Locker Areas,
                                Swimming Pools Surrounds, Bar Counter Walkways, Elevators, etc.

Roll Size :
90CM X 18M
120CM X 18M
180CM X 18M

Colours : Brown, Red, Grey, Black


Custom Designs :

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