3M Entrap

3M Entrap

● 3M Entrap ● 3M Entrap Wet Area Matting ● 3M Entrap Mat ● 3M Entrap 3200
~ Roll Form ● Custom Floor Mats In Sizes

Features Of The Mat :

● 3M Entrap is UV stable, can resist fungus and mildew.
● Its open construction allow liquids to run easily through the mat.
● The product provides a slip-resistant and comfortable walking surface for barefoot traffic,
   It only requires simple maintenance.
● The 3M Entrap mat's open design help protect the floors by helping them to dry quickly
   while at the same time keeping the walking surface free of moisture

Common Application : Locker rooms, around Saunas, Whirlpools, Shower Areas, Swimming Pools,
                                            Bath Rooms, Freezer Rooms or any other Wet and Slippery Areas.

Roll Size : 1.2m x 15m

Colours : Red, Blue, Grey, Black


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