3M Nomad 6050

3M Nomad 6050

3M Nomad 6050 
● 3M Nomad Cushion Plus Matting ● 3M Nomad Scraper Matting
~Roll Form ● Custom Floor Mats For Wording & Rubber Edging

- This outdoor and foyer matting is your first line of defense to scrape dirt and moisture from your shoes.
- Its vinyl looped design allows dirt and moisture to fall below the matting surface keeping your shoes dry and clean.
- The first ideal mat to be use for your matting system.

- Designed to be the first line of defense at entrances, with excellent dirt removal and holding capability.
- Resilient vinyl loop construction traps, holds, and hides the dirt & sand to minimize slip and fall accidents.
- Highly durable - upkeeps building image and only requires minimal maintenance.
- Made to be safe, anti-mold & anti-flammable material helps to prevenet fire caused by cigarette ends.
- Easy to clean - simply turn it over, shake, vacuum or rinse out the dirt, grime and moisture.

Common Application : Office Entrance, Main Entrance, Building Interior Entrances, Public Areas,
                                Interior Walkways, Hallway Areas, Elevator, Restaurant Entrance, Hospital Entrances,
                                Shopping Mall Entrances, Hotel Entrances and Factories Entrances.

Roll Size : 1.2m x 24m

Colours : Dark Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Brown, Black, Gold

Custom Made Designs :


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