Clean Grip Mat

YGGS WORLD SDN.BHD            
CG9050 Clean Grip Mat          
Clean Grip Mat • Safety Scrape Mat         
~ Standard Size            
Clean Grip Mat (Safety Scrape Mat) Is The Perfect Non Slip Mat For 
Wet & Greasy Food Service Or Industrial Areas.      
• Aggresive nitrile rubber grip runner.        
• Raised “ gripper ” surface pattern provides excellent traction in slippery areas
• The molded grip - surface cleats effectively scrapes tough dirt and grime off shoes and  
 provides an excellent anti-slip surface.  
• Durable nitrile rubber construction for oil and general chemicals resistance.
• The cleated backing increases grip with the floor to help prevent sliding ground.  
Common Application : Kitchens, Locker Rooms, Restaurants, Production Areas,
                                    Outside Entrances, Behind Lounge Counters & Bars,
                                    Slippery Inclines And Grocery Store Produce Areas, Boats.  
Standerd Size : 90cm x 150cm (3' x 5')         
Colour : Black

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