Coconut Husk Mat

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CH200 Coconut Husk Mat

Coconut Husk Mat ● Vina Coir Mat
~ Roll Form ● Custom Made Floor Mats In Sizes

Coconut Husk Mat - Ecoformat

● Vina coir mat - Coconut husk fibers are made into yarn, tufted and imbedded in liquid vinyl so as to hold the fibers
   erects and allow add shape layouts to be cut on the job
● It is a reasonably stiff fiber which makes it a good "scrub brush" for shoes, yet it is tough and resilient enough to
   resists wear or permanent "matting down" from heavy use.
● The deep pile construction traps and holds scrubbed off dirt particles in considerable volume under the walking surface.
● To clean, simply shake, beat the dirt out of the pile or clean with hose.

Common Application : ● Building Entrance   ● Lobby Areas   ● Kitchen Entrance   ● Hotel Entrance
                                ● Factory Entrance and Production Areas

Roll Size : 2m x 15m

Colour : Natural Tan


                                                             Custom Made Design


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